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Woodwind instrument insurance

Music is an integral part of our art and culture. To say that music is life would not be far from the truth for people who are passionate about it. It’s also safe to say that most musicians treat their instruments like their “babies”. Most musicians are very protective of their instruments and treat them with diligence and care.

For symphony/orchestra woodwind players, their instruments (such as flutes, bassoons and clarinets) are a source of both income and joy. Safeguarding their instruments from harm is paramount for them. When bad things happen to good instruments, they won’t need to worry about how or when their instruments will be repaired or replaced. Clarion’s woodwind instruments insurance policy, and their experienced customer care team, will help them get their instruments fixed or replaced quickly. They also extend that coverage and protection to any instruments you borrow or rent. This helps musicians keep their performance obligations without worry or distress if they ever need to borrow an instrument for a period of time.

If you record music with your instrument, either at a home studio or a recording studio, you can add your recording equipment to your policy as well. This coverage will help protect you if your equipment is lost, accidently damaged, or stolen. You can even insure your instruments’ cases and accessories with your musical instrument insurance plan.

It’s not only musicians who need insurance, musical instrument collectors should also get insurance to protect their investments!

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