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Musical Instrument Insurance for Music Teachers

Teaching music lessons is a wonderful way to generate income while also enriching someone else’s life. Studies show that children have improved memory function, do better in school, and are more disciplined when they learn how to play an instrument. All in all, it’s a great service and it’s even better when you can get paid for it! If you teach music lessons, then getting your instruments insured is critical.

Clarion’s insurance policies will help protect your musical instruments in case of theft, damage, or loss. With multiple people coming into your workspace and handling your musical instruments it’s easy for accidents to happen. Whether you need to repair your instrument, or replace it, Clarion Associates has you covered. Their insurance plans cover everything from small accidental scratches to entirely replacing instruments in many cases, if your instrument is lost or if it is irreparably damaged or stolen.

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Why Insure with us?

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