Insurance for Appraisers

Insurance appraisers are after all humans and there are possible chances that they can make a mistake.

These errors would be become a challenge and lead to future problems. We cannot undo the errors committed; however, precautionary steps need to be taken! And Clarion’s Insurance for Appraisers is the first step.

To deal with these Errors and Omissions; Clarion has formulated a unique insurance plan for appraisers which helps them.

Like all other policies which are highly dedicated to the music industry, this plan too focuses on the appraisers who evaluate the value, damage or loss of the musical instruments.

Our insurance for appraisers primarily aims to provide assistance in events of errors or omissions on the part of appraisers; therefore, making it easy to handle the situation.

Why Insurance for Musical Instrument Appraisers from Clarion Associates, Inc.?

  • Highly inclusive and therefore the coverage is extensive.
  • We have being in the industry for 30+ years so we have rich experience and understanding of the special requirements of musicians and people in the music industry
  • Customized insurance for varying needs
  • Affordable premiums
  • Highly trained Staff and Dedicated Customer Care Services.