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Recording Studio Insurance Plan

Recording studios provide vital music related services, such as professional sound recording and mixing amongst others. They also provide a space for artists to record music for their albums, and other projects. It is a place for musicians to grow and improve as artists. However, owning and operating a recording studio includes a number of risks. There are legal liabilities related to the confidentiality and services you provide. There’s also the risk of accidents on your premises, as well as crimes and property damage. To protect your business against these and other risks you should consider investing in a recording studio insurance plan.

Features of Recording Studio Insurance

There are several business insurance coverages to choose from that will help fully protect your recording studio from various risks. To offer your business the best protection available, consider including one or more of the following coverages to your recording studio insurance plan:

General Liability

General liability insurance is an important business coverage for recording studios. It includes premises liability, product liability, and completed operations coverage. Premises liability helps protect against accidents that may occur in your recording studio like injury, or damage to musical equipment. Product liability will cover any damage caused by products you sell such quality issues. ‘Completed operations’ refers to coverage for any legal accusations that come up after you have provided your services.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Your recording studio relies on certain equipment to function, such as the mixing consoles, multi-track recorders, digital audio workstations, microphones, instruments, etc. If they were to break down you would not be able to operate as a recording studio, and you would lose income until they could be replaced. Equipment breakdown coverage will help cover the costs of necessary repairs or replacements so you can get back to work as soon as possible.

Property Insurance

There are many accidents that could affect your business, such as an unforeseen fire. Other risks include floods, leaks, and natural disasters that can’t be prevented. Protect your recording studio from these events by including property coverage in your insurance plan. This coverage will help you finance necessary repairs, and replace damaged equipment and/or instruments, without dipping into your personal savings.

Workers’ Compensation

If you have employees, you need to protect them with worker’s compensation coverage. Most states in the U.S. require you to carry worker’s comp for your employees, but even if it’s not legally required, it is still recommended. If an employee suffers an injury at work, this coverage will help you compensate them. It will help pay for medical costs as well as any lost income until they can return to work.

Crime Insurance

Your recording studio is always at risk for crimes such as destruction of property, theft, and dishonest employee actions. To help protect against any loss you may incur because of these crimes you should invest in crime insurance. Crime insurance coverage will protect against many types of crime, such as vandalism and theft, so that you are legally and financially protected in the event they occur.

You have worked hard to build your recording studio and turn it into a successful enterprise. Protect it from unexpected events by including the right types of studio coverages in your business insurance plan, to help protect your studio against unforeseen events.

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