Tutor Insurance

Whether you’re new to the home tutoring business or you’ve been working with the local school systems and want to branch off and build a business working right out of your own home–these top 5 tips will undoubtedly help you get your tutoring business successfully off the ground.

1. Know that before you open your home-tutoring business door you’ll need to obtain a license. Check out your local county courthouse’s website and stop in to get more detailed information about all the laws and documentation that need to be filled out.

2. Once you obtain your in-home tutoring business license, come up a creative name for your business. As a consumer you may already know that creative names and effective branding catch your attention. If it wasn’t already proven to work–companies wouldn’t be paying top dollar for unique business branding from advertising agencies.

3. Create a business account. You will need to have two separate funds: business and personal. Another thing that is key in opening up your home-tutoring business is protection from the LLC. Make sure that you are protected by the LLC.

4. Next, make sure that you have insurance coverage for your home-tutoring business. You’ll also want to make sure that your liability is kept strictly to business so that when something goes wrong, you will not be accountable for it.

5. In order to be profitable and to handle the influx volume of business, you will need to hire tutors. To hire tutors most effectively. You’ll want to set up ads online and in the newspaper for tutors who have credentials and degrees.
Make sure that they excel in math, as most students need help in this area.

Run a background check to make sure that the tutors you hire do not have any problems.