Brass Musical Insurance

We understand the immense value your musical instrument holds for you; and therefore, we have come up with a very comprehensive brass musical insurance policy.

At Clarion we put a greater emphasis on the offering an extensive plan through which you can avail maximum benefits for your brass instruments; in the case of any loss, theft, or damage.

We strongly believe and strive to achieve excellence and customer satisfaction and hence our policies are designed to keep in mind varying requirements of the musician.

Our policy covers you everywhere!

Over the years of experience we have come up with extensive policies, which have a global appeal. No matter where you are on domestic soil or foreign; you can still claim your insurance.

At Clarion, we have a strong network of music instrument dealers worldwide and hence, we offer immediate (monetary) help in replacing or repairing the damaged or stolen instrument.

It is for most everything!

You will immediately receive the necessary assistance; whether the instrument is stolen or is damaged due to any accident.
Irrespective of the nature of the damage or loss, we help you to either replace or get it repaired with ease and without burdening you with extra charges!

Brass Musical Instrument Insurance is for everyone!

Even if you are an amateur who has just started or you are a seasoned musician, our insurance policy will cover you all alike!

The premium is affordable and the policy is a personalized one, which means it will suit your requirements irrespective of your income, experience and nature of work.

Quick response Team

We have a dedicated staff that is always there to help you out! – To make things simpler, the claims process can be started online and you can talk our customer care representatives at any time of the day!