Musical Instrument Repairers Insurance

There are certain things which are beyond our control; but for everything else there is insurance!

The career as a musical instrument repairer is full of both – Excitement and Challenges! The excitement of finding the problem with the instrument and then repairing it does come along with a liability. We, at Clarion have therefore designed a unique insurance plan which is completely dedicated to musical instrument repairers.

Why Insurance for Musical Instrument Repairer from Clarion Associates Inc.?

  • Extensive coverage
  • Vast experience in the industry: specializing in insurance for musicians and people in the music industry
  • Personalized insurance for addressing special needs
  • Easy premiums
  • Quick services – Claims can be filed online.
  • Dedicated staff and customer care Services.

We at Clarion Associates Inc., having vast experience in the insurance sector, fully understand the special needs and the occupational hazards associated with this area and thus, have formulated exclusive insurance for musical instrument repairers to address these special needs and occupational hazards.

It provides a protective cover against any financial liabilities that come up owing to the loss or further damage to the instruments kept in your custody or at a workshop.

In case the instrument or equipment is lost or stolen from your workshop, we provide you the monetary assistance that helps you to pay the amount of replacing the stolen or lost item.

Even in the worst case scenario, any accident damages your work place and the instruments kept inside, our insurance plan will offer you the complete assistance in paying up.

Customers (that means you!) come first always and every time. Staunchly believing in this motto, we have ensured that our services are available as soon as you need them. At Clarion, you can start the claim process through our 24 × 7 online claim center.

For information you can always contact us on 1-800-VIVALDI (848-2534)